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Teste Situations

Yesterday was another milestone here on the farm. Yesterday we sent our first lamb to freezer camp. Well, Troy actually did the deed. I was indulged in a state of panic getting product ready for market, as is the Monday norm. In between filling containers of body butter I glanced out the window towards the

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Homily to the Homely

Wherever there’s spray-free produce there’s also an abundance of ugly produce…it’s a fact. Things often go sideways when you grow without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. A little nutrient imbalance in the soil, a few hungry bugs, and you’ve got a recipe for homely produce. I’ve always tried to keep the ugly veggies for myself. Consumers

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The Price is Wrong

It’s veggie season again and that means those of us who sell produce at market have to step away from the fields and weeds for a few minutes every week to research prices. Consumers look for the best deals and selling any commodity requires competitive pricing on the part of the seller. There’s a fine


Coming Clean on Responsible Ingredients

Over the 6 years that I’ve been making Tipsy Toad goat milk soap and body products the things that I make have evolved, and my ingredients have changed with that evolution. Selling at Farmers Markets I have the pleasure of one-on-one interaction with my customers. I get to hear first hand what they really love

Meat is Murder?

WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC PICTURES OF MEAT PRODUCTION THAT SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND OFFENSIVE OR HARD TO VIEW. Meat is murder? Well, that depends on which definition you use, and which meat you’re referring to. Murder refers (according to dictionary definition) to the killing of another human. But the dictionary also describes “murder”


22 thoughts on “The Farm

  1. Heard about you from my web guy Jeff White – would love to feature you folks on my website – interested? Drop me a line – sb

    • Sue says:

      Hi Stephanie, apparently my previous reply didn’t go through, but if you’re still interested. we’d love to talk. Cheers!

  2. Paul says:

    I love camping out at Tipsy Toad Grove…when I get “tipsy”. 😉

  3. Lucy Dykhuis (Jayne's youngest daughter!) says:

    I stumbled by this video today through my subscription to Grist and I thought I would share it with you in light of what you are doing with your pastured, very happy chickens.

  4. Dawn says:

    Where are you located?

  5. Claire Ford says:

    Do you sell your lovely goats? We have 2 acres of land in Masstown, Nova Scotia and so much for goats to eat!!! We would love to have a couple of goats for the milk as I make yoghurt with it…
    Claire Ford

    • Sue says:

      Hi Claire,

      I will likely have some babies for sale in the early spring although probably not females at this point.

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