We are Sue Earle (aka The Tipsy Toad) and Troy Turple. Together we keep this place more-or-less running.

I (Sue) am the full-time farmer in this relationship. I used to work in a university as a technician and teacher. I came to farming with not an ounce of experience, but I am stubborn. I believe that anyone can learn anything if they put their mind to it. I’m sure that’s why I’ve managed to muddle along this far.

Troy works for a major manufacturer here in the Annapolis Valley. He also spends most of his free time helping me with things around the farm. He is the world’s best dreamer-upper of farm tools using repurposed junk. It saves us lots of cash, which makes being poor farmers a little easier.

We love being outdoors, we love hard work and we love problem solving, so despite our lack of know-how, we seem to have the ability to keep things rolling. So far, so good.


2 thoughts on “Us

  1. I was notified of Sue Earle’s proposal for F5://Food.

    I am also very interested in connecting local farmers with consumers. I won’t be able to attend the F5://Food conference Jan. 17-19, but I am a programmer and would like to contribute to the development of an app. for this.

    I believe that if more people build root cellars, we will be able to purchase and store a year’s worth of produce, and relieve the farmer of the burden of storage and distribution.

    1. Pierre:
      I am part of Sue Earle’s team working on the implementation of the pitch from RefreshAV Idea Lab.
      Would be interested in talking with you about mobile app. As well as monetization strategies.
      This weekend, I will try to put together some ‘use cases’ for FarmG8.

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