Yup. That’s us. Troy is the one on the left.

As you may have gathered, we fancy ourselves to be small time farmers. I’d use the term “hobby farmers”, but this whole thing has become much more a way of life than a hobby for us both. At the end of the day I could come home and just stare at my goats for hours. It’s the only way I know how to actually sit down, stop, and relax.

Troy works at Michelin and makes rubber donuts for a living. You may very well be driving on tires he built at this very moment, especially if you happen to be driving an earth mover or a military vehicle. (I don’t approve of driving and surfing, so if you ARE reading this on the highway, for the love of Jeebus, PULL OVER !)

I make a living fixing cameras and teaching people how to use them. I also get paid from time to time to write stuff. I get bored easily so variety makes me happy.

I want to be a hermit when I grow up – I could spend all day alone in the woods but places crowded with people make me panic. Troy and I are both seriously into the outdoors. We ski, snowshoe, camp, canoe, hike, and road ride. But most of all we mountain bike. Mountain biking is how we met, in fact. We were married on our bikes and they’ll likely accompany us to the grave. We are also dedicated trail advocates and if I do say so myself, we cut a mean piece of singletrack.

We’re both textbook Scorpios. That should really be all you need to know. If that doesn’t scare you off please continue. We don’t bite… much.



Finding Balance

Last week Troy and I made an executive decision that from here on in Sundays will be fun days. Since starting this farming thing almost 3 years ago we’ve been on a nearly uninterrupted schedule of all work and no play, 24/7, punctuated only by a little bit of sleep.  When you buy an old


H2O Woes

Water can be a blessing or a curse. Yes, we need it to sustain health and life, that’s a given. But at that very moment when the flow just stops in the bathroom tap leaving you with a rabid mouth full of toothpaste foam, anything that makes its way through those suds will be a


How Things Change

Another flip of the switch has come and gone. One minute it was one year, the next minute it was another. Last night as I put myself to bed I thought about how things have changed. New Year’s Eves past I’ve primped and preened, fussing over celebrations to come, worrying about outfits and hairdos,  reading


Farm Harder

I made a comment on Facebook a few days ago that “now I have to farm harder.” In many ways it was a dialogue between my philosophical side and my inner comedian, but it seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people. Farm harder. What does that even mean? I’ve already alluded to


3 Weeks Ago Today

3 weeks ago today was one of the worst days of my life. It’s the day we lost Griffin very tragically and completely out of the blue. It took a week for me to accept that Griffin is gone, this despite the fact that I was with him through the entire terrible episode , hugging and


One Chore Too Many

I thought I knew tired. I’ve done 8-hour mountain bike races solo. I’ve competed in 24-hour endurance races. I’ve worked a job so stressful that I couldn’t sleep for days on end, and yet every day I managed to come home to tend to my critters. But this – this is something far beyond any


6 Months

Here we are, 6 months and 21 days in. It’s the first day of spring. It seems like an appropriate time to sit back and reflect. What the hell have we done?!? If you’ve been with us from the start of this farming journey you’ll know that on August 31, 2013 I said goodbye to


Two years ago when we lived in Mount Uniacke, Troy got it in his head that it would be pretty awesome to make our own maple syrup. We had a smattering of maples strewn through the woods surrounding our property,  and  when the spring temps started to creep above zero  Troy gleefully set about drilling


The Little Things

Real winter is awesome… usually. This year, however, it’s a bit harder to swallow than usual. In the past, lots of snow and cold temps meant moonlight snowshoes, weekends of cross country skiing, tiring out the dogs a little easier than usual. Living so much closer to our favourite ski and snowshoe destination in Bridgetown,



I don’t know why I woke up on the reflective side of the bed this morning. Maybe because lately, it’s a morning like every other, and I’m liking it. Lying in bed waiting for my eyeballs to start focusing, a dog on my chest and another on my head, it occurred to me that this


2 thoughts on “Us

  1. I was notified of Sue Earle’s proposal for F5://Food.

    I am also very interested in connecting local farmers with consumers. I won’t be able to attend the F5://Food conference Jan. 17-19, but I am a programmer and would like to contribute to the development of an app. for this.

    I believe that if more people build root cellars, we will be able to purchase and store a year’s worth of produce, and relieve the farmer of the burden of storage and distribution.

    • Bob Maher says:

      I am part of Sue Earle’s team working on the implementation of the pitch from RefreshAV Idea Lab.
      Would be interested in talking with you about mobile app. As well as monetization strategies.
      This weekend, I will try to put together some ‘use cases’ for FarmG8.

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