I am a foodie. I love to cook, I love to bake and I most certainly love to eat. Troy and I both appreciate fresh veggies from the garden, and meat, eggs and milk from happy animals that aren’t pumped full of steroids. There really is a difference.

We believe that it’s important to take responsibility for what we eat. Although neither of us has mastered the art of avoiding chocolate bars and kettle chips, we do strive to eat as healthy, local, and sustainably as we can.

Food is a part of everything. We try to keep fit, and therefore think about meals well in advance. We put thought into what we buy, how it’s prepared and even where we eat it. When you grow your own food and make your own beer and wine, you appreciate everything about it so much more.

I’m not sure yet why I feel a food page is necessary – I just know that it is. Stay tuned.

Teste Situations

Yesterday was another milestone here on the farm. Yesterday we sent our first lamb to freezer camp. Well, Troy actually did the deed. I was indulged in a state of panic getting product ready for market, as is the Monday norm. In between filling containers of body butter I glanced out the window towards the

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Homily to the Homely

Wherever there’s spray-free produce there’s also an abundance of ugly produce…it’s a fact. Things often go sideways when you grow without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. A little nutrient imbalance in the soil, a few hungry bugs, and you’ve got a recipe for homely produce. I’ve always tried to keep the ugly veggies for myself. Consumers

Meat is Murder?

WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC PICTURES OF MEAT PRODUCTION THAT SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND OFFENSIVE OR HARD TO VIEW. Meat is murder? Well, that depends on which definition you use, and which meat you’re referring to. Murder refers (according to dictionary definition) to the killing of another human. But the dictionary also describes “murder”

Holy Hot Peppers!

In all my years of growing things, peppers, and particularly hot peppers, have probably been my biggest challenge. For some reason, when everything else was doing well the peppers just never seemed to happen. This year the bell peppers continued that tradition… the plants were big and strong and healthy looking, the blossoms were plentiful,


Mustard Greens

I love to grow mustard greens. They are easy, tolerating excessive heat, drought, and even the flea beetles that seem to covet them. They are frilly and bright, and one planting yields a harvest that lasts several weeks. At market, however, mustard greens are a tough sell. Most people pick them up, raise an eyebrow,


Late Winter “Rustic” Gnocchi

I made gnocchi about 20 years ago, prompted, I think, by a Martha Stewart recipe. After hours of intensive labour rolling them out to perfectly even little ovals and then carefully pressing fork ridges into the dough, I swore I would never, ever make them again. They were good, but the store-bought ones were actually better,


Peas…and Thank You!

A few weeks ago I started bringing veggies to market along with my soap products. I’m not bringing a ton- we already have great veggie sellers at market, and there are only so many tubs and coolers you can fit in a Matrix. Still, the produce has definitely spiked my market income. After all, people


What’s “Too Expensive”?

Over the past month it seems I’ve been overhearing more comments than usual about the price of food – in particular the price of local and organic foods. Those comments bounce off my radar somewhere between  irksome and downright aggravating, but then I have to stop and remember that before I was in a position


Tipsy Tourtière – a new tradition?

Tourtiere is one of those things that I never heard of before moving to Nova Scotia. I’m sure it probably has its place in the French regions of Newfoundland, but where I grew up, just outside St. John’s, Christmas Eve (like Good Friday) is a fish holiday. It didn’t matter  how the fish ended up


Reconciling Pigs and Fall

It’s that time of the year. A few leaves still cling to the branches, afraid to make the jump. Night pushes its luck each day, seeing how much more darkness it can get away with imposing. The temperatures fluctuate from nipply to sweaty, but only because it’s impossible to know how to dress. Autumn is


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