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Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes are the curly central stems that emerge on garlic plants around the middle of June. The garlic scape left to mature contains edible...Read More
One Chore Too Many

One Chore Too Many

I thought I knew tired. I've done 8-hour mountain bike races solo. I've competed in 24-hour endurance races. I've worked a job so stressful that...Read More

To Market, To Market

The  Local  Food Movement is suffering from a paradox of sorts, and that paradox lies in the problem of distribution. Food is expensive, and there...Read More


Two years ago when we lived in Mount Uniacke, Troy got it in his head that it would be pretty awesome to make our own...Read More

D.I.Y. Meat Smoker

If you know Joel Salatin and his methods you already know that you just need to do this farming thing "good enough". If you want to...Read More

This is food?!?

I am not a fake food virgin. I grew up with Lik'em Dips, Bottle Cap Candy,  Pixie Stix, and Kikapoo Joy Juice. And yes, I...Read More
Go Garden, Grow!

Go Garden, Grow!

Having decided to do a small CSA next year, the garden pushed its way far up The Giant To-Do List. With winter fast approaching, the...Read More
Brining the Birds

Brining the Birds

Not much beats the scent of a turkey in the oven at Thanksgiving. Except, maybe, the scent of a cider-brined turkey in the oven at...Read More