Finding the Farm – TTG the first

We stumbled upon this place while taking some side roads home after a day of mountain biking in the Annapolis Valley. We were looking for a place that would be approximately halfway between Troy’s work in the Valley and my work in the city. And there it was. A perfectly quaint blue and white farmhouse with a Re-Max sign swinging in the breeze. The house was obviously many years older than either of us.  I dreamed about what might be inside, but 6-foot high brambles threatening to engulf the building scared me. If the outside was hideously neglected even after the For Sale sign went up then I reasoned the house must be equally forlorn. We drove on past, but something nagged in the back of my brain and when we got home I called the real estate agent. It couldn’t hurt to look.

When we did finally step through the front door a week later, I knew instantly that even though the price tag was well beyond our limit, this was the one. Taking in brightly coloured walls painted by the comic book artist owners, my eyes ran straight for the wood stove in the kitchen.


It took us a year and a half to rejuvenate the small field outside.  Apparently people who write and draw graphic novels aren’t the best at mowing and weeding. We discovered asparagus straining through the thorns to find some light. The gazillion rhubarb plants have provided many tasty bottles of wine and the apple trees will be pushed into cider production this fall. We  managed to bring a decent sized piece of soil back to life with some horse manure from our neighbour friends and our veggie gardens have been wildly productive ever since.

We moved in with two dogs and expanded our family to include chickens and goats and llamas and a cat. We are working toward other beasts- sheep, horses, guineas, who knows what else. This is more than a hobby. This is an adventure, and so far it’s been pretty damn exciting!

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