The Farm

Finally, we’re here.

Tipsy Toad Grove began as a small hobby farm near Mount Uniacke, NS. In the summer of 2013, realizing a desire to turn farming into much more than a hobby, we picked up and moved to a larger property in Tremont, a small community on the South Mountain near the Annapolis Valley town of Greenwood.

We have big plans for our little farm but at the crux of it all is a real passion for clean local food. We care about what we eat and the social, economic, and environmental effects that food production can have. We are also avid cyclists and our passion for the great outdoors intertwines with our interest in food production on so many levels.

We currently produce pastured poultry and goat milk products. As we find our feet we are going to expand in both of these areas. We are making plans for a market garden next year with organically grown veggies, fruits and herbs. By chance our property hosts an organic orchard with approximately 40 productive apple and pear trees. This fall we will start reclaiming these neglected specimens and we hope that they will become an important part of the equation in years to come.

Check back often to see what’s happening on the farm. It’s been one heck of a ride so far, and it’s really just beginning!


Tipsy Toad Grove is located at 579 Messenger Road in Tremont, Nova Scotia. Visitors welcome by appointment.

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