Changing Up the List

There’s a page-long list, 2 columns, pinned to my fridge under a glass turtle magnet. The header reads “The Giant To-do List”. It’s a list I made when we first moved in, mid-July.

I take some satisfaction in the number of items I’ve crossed off that list in the past month. Moving to a new farm involved more than changing paint colours and emptying boxes… Our to-do list has items like tilling and fertilizing a piece of ground for a market garden, putting a new floor in the big bank barn, pruning the neglected orchard, and building a greenhouse. Most of the items on the original list were things that I knew HAD to be complete before winter so I can hit the ground running when it starts to thaw.

Although things are getting crossed off, the list doesn’t really seem to be getting any shorter. With each task completed we discover other things that need doing. I know that this is the reality of an old house, but I’m discovering it’s even more the reality of a farm. When you’re farming, nothing is ever done, it’s simply done until the next time. The process of farming is cyclical, not linear, and I will have to train my brain to chill a bit and learn to cope with never being “finished”.

I think I’ll add “breakfast”, “lunch” and “dinner” to The Giant To-do List. Just a little reminder that crossing stuff off the list isn’t nearly as important as getting through it day by day.

One thought on “Changing Up the List

  1. Agreed Sue. Remind me a bit of the sentence: “Happiness is a path, not a destination”. We tend to focus on goals and not what we’re doing in the middle which is probably as important.

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