The Smile

She has a smile that catches your eye and makes you stop what you’re doing dead in your tracks.
That was the first thing that caught my eye about Sue, that beautiful smile. So warm, friendly and comforting.
As I have discovered there are many reasons for that smile. You see, behind that smile is one of the most caring, warm, and very intelligent people that I have ever met.
Easily, I can argue that she has the kindest heart I have ever loved. Her compassion for animals and for the well-being of those she cares about (even those she hasn’t met yet) is second to none. One only has to come visit our ever-growing farm to see for themselves. But, if you already know Sue, you already know this about her.
Her strength and intellect are also another huge reason. Without either she wouldn’t be where she is today. Especially now that she needs both more than ever.
That smile is the smile of a confidence. A surety in herself, that no matter what the size of the mountain, she will climb it kind of smile.
I am very glad that I am going on the adventure with Sue. Even happier that I get to have her as my wife, to help her live her dreams and continue to grow as a person.
I look forward to the future to where and how far our dreams and goals will take us. I know for certain that with all the power behind her smile there will never be a dream unexplored.
Happy Birthday Sue!

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