2020 CSA Terms of Service

The following terms apply to participation in the Tipsy Toad Grove Farm 2020 Community Shared Agriculture program. Please read and understand these terms before registering to purchase a share.

1) The 2020 Tipsy Toad Grove Farm Community Shared Agriculture program ( hereafter referred to as “the CSA”) will deliver one share of products weekly to each participant, for a total of 20 weeks. Commencement of the deliveries is scheduled for late May, 2020, however the actual date will depend on weather and growing conditions.

4) Monthly payments will be due prior to or on the day of the first delivery of each month. Each monthly payment consist of the number of deliveries in the month x $25.  Full season payments are due prior to or on the first day of delivery. The full season payment is $460. ($500 minus an 8% discount of $40).

4) Tipsy Toad Grove Farm ( hereafter referred to as “the growers”) will notify customers of the commencement date at least one week before the first CSA delivery is scheduled. An email will be sent to customers the night before deliveries are scheduled, as a reminder.

5) Deliveries will be made to the customer’s home or at a location mutually agreed upon. We reserve the right to refuse delivery to a location based on distance or safety concerns.

6) It is the responsibility of the customer to be available for delivery as arranged. Boxes that cannot be delivered will be held for 24 hours and then donated to a local food bank. We will do our best to accommodate alternate delivery requests made at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery.

7) The growers will make every effort to provide a selection of produce each week that meets or exceeds the value of the share  ( we use Organicpricetracker.com to determine the most current market value of produce  in our region). On occasion, products may be added to the box from other growers who utilize similar growing practices. In these instances the products will be labeled with the farm name where the products were sourced. Occasionally our other farm products such as goat milk soap or maple syrup may be used to round out the value of a box.

8) The growers guarantee that all produce included in the CSA share will be produced without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. As a result, customers accept that not all produce will be cosmetically perfect. 

9) A limited number of free range pastured eggs will be available for purchase each week. Customers are asked to indicate by email if they would like to reserve eggs no later than 5pm on the day before delivery. Unreserved eggs will be made available for purchase at the pick up  locations on a first come first serve basis. Eggs are not included in the weekly CSA fee and must be paid for at the time of  pick up.

10) If for any reason  the growers are not able to provide the full 20 weeks of CSA deliveries (for example, in the case of extreme weather conditions or natural disaster) customers will be refunded in full for the pre-paid shares they do not receive ($23 per week for customers who have pre-paid the full season.) Refunds will be made within 10 days of the time that the final delivery is determined.