Hike With Goats!

What could be more fun than a stroll through fields and wooded trails with goats at the helm? We are offering two different experiences this year that allow you to get up close and personal with our fuzzy friends.

South Mountain Goat Walks are 1.5 hour treks around Tipsy Toad Grove Farm with our posse of caprine companions. Take a goat on a leash, watch them nibble and forage as we make our way around the farm. Learn about why we farm the way we do and how we strive to keep our food production ethical and sustainable. Take a selfie with a goat -they are far from camera shy!

Rambling with Ruminants; a Small Farm Immersion is a 3-4 hour experience that delves more into the role of our animals in the cycles of the farm. Craft your own “Adventure Stick” to take on our goat hike. Along the way we’ll talk about how goats choose certain plants to eat based on their biological needs, and we’ll also discover wild plants that can be used by humans for culinary and medicinal purposes. You’ll see firsthand that what we do here balances nature with cultivation. Our time together will culminate with a farm-to-fork picnic.

Our woods are filled with birds, wild animals and botanical diversity. Come explore with us, get up close and personal with a goat, and enjoy the tranquility of Tipsy Toad Grove Farm. Book your goat hike now, we can’t wait for our goats to show you around!

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