I am a foodie. I love to cook, I love to bake and I most certainly love to eat. Troy and I both appreciate fresh veggies from the garden, and meat, eggs and milk from happy animals that aren’t pumped full of steroids. There really is a difference.

We believe that it’s important to take responsibility for what we eat. Although neither of us has mastered the art of avoiding chocolate bars and kettle chips, we do strive to eat as healthy, local, and sustainably as we can.

Food is a part of everything. We try to keep fit, and therefore think about meals well in advance. We put thought into what we buy, how it’s prepared and even where we eat it. When you grow your own food and make your own beer and wine, you appreciate everything about it so much more.

I’m not sure yet why I feel a food page is necessary – I just know that it is. Stay tuned.

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